7 Ways you are making your life complicated

You can’t see others’ happy
Are you someone who doesn’t get upset with pain in your life, but rather by happiness in someone else’s? Or when they achieve something, you feel jealous? You seriously need to consider the purpose of your life and and need to focus on yours. Do things that make you happy, but don’t feel jealous of others’ happiness. Rather, learn to find yours in theirs’.

You don’t take risks
If you are someone who never wants to try out small things just because you aren’t sure about its result, then you can never achieve something big. Risk-takers are the greatest reward-earners. Remember, if scientists never experimented with something new, we could never live a lavish life.

You want people to be just yours
Loving someone truly doesn’t mean making them just yours. If you feel unhappy or insecure when your best friend talks to someone else, or so does your partner, then you need to realize what it means to truly love someone. Do not expect them to dance on your fingers.

You have unrealistic expectations
If my partner loves me, he/she will meet me everyday or come whenever i call them,even if they on job. Or, it’s my 18th birthday, my dad should gift me a big car. If you expect unrealistically, you can certainly live happy as not every expectation of yours can be fulfilled. In fact, do not expect. So that, when it happens, it truly makes you happy.

You take jokes seriously
If your friends call you by funny names or your parents ask you to open a small shop because you aren’t good at studies, do not take it seriously. Life is fun. Let them get a chance to laught at you, and in fact, laugh along with them. Not everyone can make people laugh.

You ascribe intent
Do you always ascribe intent of people, associating cause and why they did what. Do you always feel bad when your friends went to a movie without you, or when your relatives appreciate your cousins but not you? You need not to over-think about these silly things, or else you may not live happy.

You think negative all time
If you are someone who never tells yourself that you will do it and you will achieve it, but rather always think negatively such as, i failed to achieve it, i shouldn’t try this time, or they will make fun of me, then you are seriously making your life complicated.

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