8 Natural Ways To Stop Hair Fall

Hair fall is a common issue in both men and women. Although it is a natural phenomenon, today’s unhealthy lifestyle has affected it worsely.
You need not to worry about it but definitely bring some changes to stop hair loss.
Following are 8 tips to help you with hair fall:

1. Do not brush hair while they are wet.
(Brushing wet hair can make them weak, thereby increasing hair fall)

2. Wash your hair regularly but not everyday.
(Some people tend to shampoo everyday, which encourages even more hair fall)

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3. Drink lots and lots of water.
(Lack of hydration in body can be a barrier in healthy hair growth)

4. Stop smoking and consuming alcohol.
(smoking and drinking reduces the blood flow that promotes hair loss)

5. Massage your scalp with warm oil.
(Warm or hot oil is helpful in increasing the blood flow that discourages hair fall)

6. Use natural conditioners and DIY masks.
(Using chemical-based hair conditioner or masks can damage your hair leading to more hair fall, thus you should consider using natural ones)

7. Take protein-rich diet.
(Protein efficient diet is important to maintain healthy scalp and promote hair growth)

8. Stay relaxed and stress-free.
(Stress can worsen your hair fall. Therefore, you need to manage it by meditating and other lifestyle changes)

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