8 Quotes for your Bad Days

Life is a journey, full of ups and downs. If you have certain expectations from life or people around you (which is natural) then somedays you might feel like you’re the happiest person alive, while on some days you would want to end this life. It is important for you to understand that this is what life is about. You need not to feel bad about it or give up if you aren’t going well because this too shall pass.

So here we bring out to you some amazing quotes for your bad days that will bring back your beautiful smile.

1. Breathe, it is just a bad day not bad life.

2. If you’re having a bad day, remember that you’ve made well through other bad days too and this too shall pass. Don’t stress about it.

3. You have to fight some bad days to earn some good days in your life.

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4. You didn’t go through all that for Nothing.

5. I’m a good person to forgive you, but not a stupid enough to trust you again.

6. Everyone has bad days, its just about hoe you handle them , that matters the most. Even champions lose rounds.

7. Your bad day can’t define you. Take a few breaths, let today go and focus your energy on the future.

8. Do your best to do that shit tomorrow. Life is too short for two days of bullshit in a row.

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