Love in the times of Covid-19 isn’t easy. Meeting is an essential part in any relationship as it enables the partners to come close to each other physically as well as emotionally. If you are struggling to keep him happy without meeting, here’s how you can bring smile on his face:

1. Connect with him on audio calls. Call him everyday at the time you feel he may be available to talk.

2. Video call him even if any of you is busy, you can simply adore each other and understand what all you do in a day.

3. Send gifts to him place through online stores (especially on occasions like Birthday and Anniversary).


4. Send him long texts, expressing how you are feeling, how your life has changed since he came into your life and how you guys can make your relationship even better.

5. Share your old pictures with him (memories of past months and years.) He will surely mesmerize them and wish to get those days back.

6. Plan some online activities like games, challenges etc. that doesn’t let him feel distant.

7. Do things at same time. For example, brush at same time, eat and drink at same time, sleep at same time.

8. Share your hobbies, indulge in them and discuss about it. It will definitely keep the other interested in you and they will share everything with you.

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