9 Make-up products you must have in your kit

Irrespective of whether you are a beginner or a pro in make-up, your makeup kit must have certain products to give you that picture- perfect look, and here are 9 must-haves

Just how our body requires water to stay hydrated, our skin too needs nourishment. Whether it is summer or winter, moisturising skin is a mandate. Don’t miss out moisturizing your skin regularly, especially in dry winters.

Primer is the initial most product used in make-up. It is of gel like consistently and acts as the base of your make-up. Applying primer can help smoothen your skin and keep your makeup flawless and intact.

Who doesn’t know about the magical use of foundation? Your make-up kit is incomplete without foundation. You should always buy foundation of 1-2 tones lighter to your complexion for best results.

After the application of foundation, it is important to cover the dark areas of face and give them an exquisite shine. For this, apply concealer on

To get those big and thick lashes, mascara is a must. Ensure that you invest in a good mascara or else it won’t really give you a glamourous look.

Applying eyeliner on the eyelid can make your eyes look magnificent. Although eyeliner can be applied differently to give you different look each time, if you are a beginner, don’t mess with your eyes, apply it plain.

7-Eyeshadow palette
Having an eye shadow palette in make-up can add a lot to your look. Imagine a glamourous make-up without glittery or smokey eyes? Nahhh! So, Get one for yourself.

8-Makeup brushes
Brushes are an unavoidable part of our kits. No matter how luxurious products we use, if we don’t have a good applicator, those are of no use. Invest in a brush kit, which has brushes for all size and purposes.

Compact is that powder which lightens your skin tone. It is applied over foundation to keep it intact and prevent your makeup from wearing off due to sweat or anything.

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