9 TV Couples Who Need to Hook Up

When it comes to TV couples, a happy pair isn’t always an entertaining one. However, how slow can a slow burn be? For some series, the relationship match just can’t be lit — and it’s time.

Riverdale creator Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa told Us Weekly ahead of season 4, that besides death, the only thing that could “break up the foursome” would be “something romantic happening,” so maybe that’s why he’s waited. “It may not seem like it, but I genuinely love these characters and I love this quartet. I want them to be OK. It feels like I put them through the wringer, and I do, but there’s a part of me that always thinks that they’ll survive, they’ll be OK, they’ll win.”

So, here are our most desired TV couples who need to get together in 2020.

Archie and Betty

It wouldn’t be Archie Comics without the love triangle. Somehow, however, that triangle has yet to happen on Riverdale … and high school is almost over.

Casey and Brett

Even if you’re not a Casey and Brett fan, the Chicago Fire hookup is bound to happen. So, either let’s do it and make it a relationship or do it and get it over with. Either way, it’s time.

Halstead and Upton

Speaking of a slow burn, Chicago P.D.‘s Halstead and Upton have been making eyes at each other ever since Lindsay left town. Let’s do this already! 

Spencer and Olivia

While Olivia and Asher have incredible chemistry and are finally starting their relationship, it’s hard to forget about her bond with Spencer. They may live under the same roof, on All American, but they are definitely not related — and the chemistry is REAL.

Michael and Alex

Despite Michael’s hookup with Maria — and their true connection — season 2 of Roswell, New Mexico better include at least one Malex love scene.

Bradley and Cory

If you didn’t see sexual tension between Bradley and Cory on The Morning Show, were you really watching? Plus, he was a complete gentleman when she was drunk so he scores points there too.

Meredith and DeLuca

Everyone knows that last season of Grey’s Anatomy was the season of love; that doesn’t mean Mer can’t find it again, right? Many shipped Meredith with Derek McDreamy for a long time, but without him, there are all sorts of avenues to explore.

Rue and Jules

While their journey was an up and down one, to say the least, Euphoria‘s Rue and Jules just make sense.

Jackson and Maggie

It took so long for Jackson and Maggie to finally get together, Grey’s Anatomy wasted no time in having them break up … again. Enough of that.

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