The basics of makeup for beginners

While makeup is an art, it doesn’t have to be a difficult skill to acquire. In fact, basic makeup can be quite easy and quick to do and apply for your everyday routine. If you’re new to makeup or need to brush off those basic skills, here’s a guide for you to follow to get that flawless finish.

Step #1: Foundation for evenness

Always start with a fresh, clean face. The first thing you could go for is a primer that can be the base for your makeup. After that, foundation is your friend for evenness and smooth texture for the skin. Foundation comes for all skin colours and types. Find the one that goes for your skin colour for it to properly blend in. You could go for a matte or smooth foundation depending on the type of your skin; matte if it is oily and smooth if it’s a little dry. Apply the foundation evenly to your face ad blend it in using a sponge or even your fingers.

Step #2: Conceal the blemishes

Concealer can be used to hide the wrinkles, unevenness or the blemishes visible even after the application of foundation. The area that usually needs concealer is under the eyes. Apply the concealer in a triangular shape under the eyes and gently blend it in with a sponge. You can use it on any other blemishes on the face to cover them up.

Step #3: Go for the eyes first

While starting your makeup, go for the eye makeup first as it could take the maximum time and in case if you stain your face, you won’t have to wipe off all the makeup from your cheeks and end up starting all over again. You can start with the eye shadow and then apply the liner. Curling the lashes and applying the mascara is the last step for eye makeup.

Step #4: Blush, bronzer and highlighter to add some pop

Blushes and highlighters come for all skin tones. Figure out the ones for you and apply gently on the face. Start with the blush and gently apply it only on the apples of the cheeks. Be cautious while doing this is you don’t want to look extra pink. Moving on to the highlighter, there are specific places to apply it on. Use the highlighter on you cheek bones, brow bones, middle of the forehead, tip of the nose, cupid’s bow and a little at the middle of the chin. Bronzer gives a shape to the face and applying it could be a little tricky. If you’re going for regular basic makeup, you can skip it or apply it very cautiously by following the steps and focusing on the areas you want to look sharper.

Step #5: Lipstick and seal it

Lip makeup is always at the last. After you’re done with your face makeup, add some lip colour of your choice. Start applying from the upper lip and then move towards the lower lip. You can also use lip liner to set some boundaries before using the lipstick.

After you’re done with the makeup, make sure to protect it by using a compact, powder or makeup setting spray as you don’t want to ruin it as soon as you step out. Setting it helps it to stay longer and makes you feel fresh.

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