A Guide for Sales Team Meet-up Ideas (Part 2)

In our previous post, we tried explaining 10 innovative sales team meet-up ideas. Here, we are continuing the count with 10 more innovative sales ideas.
Do read on for gaining knowledge about these innovative sales meet-up ideas.

Sales Team Meet-up Ideas –

11. How can we reduce sales expenses/costs?

A very important question that should be discussed by all companies some or the other day in their sales meeting is – “ How can we reduce sales expenses/costs? “

cost ideas

Cost is something that worries everyone. Even a fool will know that less expenses/costs means more profit. So, the team members must discuss the various steps that can be taken in order to reduce the cost or expenses in sales.

12. Qualifying buyers

One of the most important topics you can cover with your sales representatives in your sales meeting is about your qualifying buyers.

quality ideas

Develop your qualifiers and corresponding questions for each one. That way your sales representatives have a process for determining who will buy and who won’t buy. This prevents pipelines from getting filled with unqualified buyers that drain your sales representative’s time and effort.

13. Difficult types of buyer and how to handle them

Everyone have their own different opinions on whether or not to buy your products as well as on how useful it is to buy your product/service.

So, every sales representative must have the knowledge about the various types of prospects, the various needs, advantages, questions asked as well as questions that should be asked, etc. They must also know how to handle all the types of prospects, including rejection.

14. How to Gain their Trust

Trust from your prospects is a very important gift that should be achieved by the sales representatives no matter how many times they would have to try for it.

trust ideas

Building trust is a process that consists of using good words and phrases designed to develop credibility in the mind of the buyer. Help your sales representatives understand the importance of developing trust and how to do it. Avoid cliche’s like “I was in the neighborhood” or “What do I need to do to earn your business?” Instead, develop value statements that they can include in the small talk to sales talk conversation.

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15. Discuss roadblocks and how employees can overcome them

Teams must not only celebrate success together but they must also face rejection together. Instead of leaving reps to deal with problems in isolation, provide them with an opportunity to discuss challenges in a supportive environment.

In each of your sales meeting, ask everyone to talk about a current struggle. Then, ask around for suggestions about how a team member might conquer the challenge.

16. Practice and Feedback

Everyone knows Practice makes a man Perfect. Also, if you would have read our previous posts then I’m sure you all know the importance of getting a feedback from customers(old as well as new), colleagues, boss, family, anyone.

feedback ideas

Your sales representatives words, gestures, responses and confidence all must work together to facilitate the close of a sales process. Use the time in your sales meeting to pair up sales reps and practice this critical step of the sale. Look for confident, controlled execution. Be prepared to provide feedback to ensure they execute this step properly.

17. Show the value

Quantifying a buyers issues from a financial perspective is an incredible asset to any sales professional.

value ideas

Hence, show your sales representatives what the primary costs, waste, losses, etc that affect the prospects buying decision. That way, your sales reps will learn to focus on conducting business-focused conversations rather than product/price-focused conversations.

18. How to reduce customer complaints?

This is another very important topic which is to be discussed in a sales meeting for the betterment of the company.

complaints ideas

Every company hates complaints. It’s considered as a mark of disrespect for the company and also portrays that the customers are unhappy. Hence, there must be a discussion on the steps that should be taken in order to reduce the complaints, which helps the company to gain more happy customers.

19. A short motivational talk

Most weekly sales meeting take place on Monday when a small pep talk can be sorely needed. Hence motivating your team with quotes as well as inspiring stories gives the employees a positive start with their work.

Bestselling author Grant Cardone recommends starting with a brief motivational talk or video. Before each meeting, prepare motivational content to get the ball rolling. To spice things up, rotate responsibility for this between employees.

 20. Acknowledge successes

Being a sales representative is hard work. Amidst the everyday bustle of work, there isn’t always time to offer praise for a job well done.
Everyone deserves a small praise. This keeps them striving for more success with a smile.

So, set aside time in the weekly sales meeting to congratulate individual sales representatives on their successes. Provide an opportunity for sales representatives to share good news during every meeting. Experts say that consistently acknowledging successes will make sales representatives more eager to attend meetings.

Final Words:

Sales meeting is a critical component of a great sales culture as it’s an opportunity to build the skills of the entire team and motivate them. Hence, use these ideas and make your sales meeting a daily, short, engaging, entertaining as well as interesting phenomenon. Also, focus on solutions as well as the positive not on the negative.

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