A Toxic Relationship will teach you these 4 things

No relationship is perfect. However, good relationships make you feel complete, motivated, contended and optimistic. However, a toxic relationship will make you feel depleted, demotivated, bad self-esteem and drained.

If you are in a toxic relationship, you must re-think about it. And , if you have broke up , you need to learn a few things from it, which might help you with your next relationship.

1- Being single is better than being unhappy
Soon after your breakup from a toxic relationship, you’ll realise that you are enough for yourself. You don’t really need someone just for the sake of a relationship. It’s anyway better to live without them rather than living unhappy with them. The person you were with, controlled your life more than you. And now you have realised the power of self-love.

2- Understand what not to do
Now you no what made your relationship toxic, what steps taken , made it unhealthy and hurting. And now, from the mistakes you made in this relationship, will help you avoid those in future. These may include letting them control what you wear, or being too possesive. Let us accept that we already know what went wrong, even though we couldn’t work on making it better. But let’s learn from it for future.

3- Understand your type of partner
You had been living with them for so long, that you never realised what you really wanted in a partner. But by the time your relationship ended, you are clear with what exactly you don’t want in your significant other. And what qualities are you looking for. Now, you have a chance to choose a partner based on your choices. Note down your likes and dislikes, it will help you get your dream partner.

4- To let go is not giving up
You’ll realise that ending up a relationship doesn’t always mean giving up on the person. Sometimes, it’s better to let go than to stay together.
Understand that you can let go of a love that isn’t serving you and move on with your self-esteem, knowing that you tried your best, but not necessarily everything works on well.

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