Accept Pain If You Want to Be Happy- 5 Reasons

“We cannot choose our external circumstances, but we can always choose how we respond to them.”- Epictetus

No one wants pain. May it be physical or emotional. But ‘Pain is inevitable’. We all hear it each time some thing unexpected or bad happens with us.
Well, we certainly cannot avoid what we got. But we can definitely consider it as an opportunity to BRING A CHANGE!

A good life isn’t about living in absence of hardships of life. But rather, about knowing how to deal with those situations. Because, it is only how we react to it, that can help us become stronger.

Here’s why you should accept pain as a part of life-

1.  Helps you Count Blessings

Isn’t a happy- only life too boring to live?
Well even if not boring, let’s accept it. You don’t value those precious things in your life if there’s no full stop or a comma to it. Because that becomes your part of life, you forget to count that blessing. When in pain, you will definitely value that good part of your life. Also, that would anyway be much more than the pain. But will make you realize the importance of those little happy moments.

2.  Boosts pleasure

Pain isn’t pleasurable. But definitely it’s aftermath is. And the pleasure one gets after getting over with a painful situation, is undoubtedly more rewarding. A plain happy life will not give you as much pleasure as happy life after a painful period will give.

3.  Forms social bonds

Pain nurtures empathy. While you are in pain, you get to connect with people with similar sufferings or people that understand your situation and support you in every possible way. The social bonds which are created during pain, lasts much beyond it. You get to know the true nature of people. And those people may prove to be precious gift to your life.

4.  Rewards you

Overcoming a difficult situation makes you feel worthy of an award earned through your effort. You definitely give yourself reward for overcoming those difficult times. And that reward feels much more previous after a painful experience.

5. Captures your attention

Living in-moment helps you live a happy and healthier life. It is an art of not regretting of the past , and also not being worried about the future. When in a painful situation, we focus on what we are doing currently, or whatever is happening with us. It helps us focus on our today and make it better. The art of living in today, is truly something everyone should strive for.
The same can be achieved by meditation and yoga.

Remember, there’s always sun shine after a dark night. Pain is a temporary phase of life, without which life will be too boring to enjoy. Just accept the situation and deal with it, without affecting your mental peace. And, you are definitely see the Sunshine of the new morning with greater rewards and happiness.

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