Advertisements – How To Make Them More Persuasive

As the world changes, so does the way you sell your products. Advertisements have had an important place in our history and culture. Human beings have always felt the need to sell.

However, with the advent of capitalism and competition, making your product sell became a difficult task. This is where advertisements stepped in. These days, companies spend billions on ads, sometimes even more than the product itself, to make their good desirable in the eyes of the gullible consumer.

Hence, it is important to make your advertisement persuasive. However, that’s an art that attains perfection only with time. Let’s explore how you can make the perfect advertisement.

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This has been a traditional tactic used by advertisements to sell their products effectively. What this entails is the establishment of a pattern. First, a few steps occur which create a certain expectation in the mind of the consumer.

Advertisements - How To Make Them More Persuasive

However, all of a sudden the pattern is broken so the consumer is shocked and attracted towards the product. Let’s understand this through an example if it seems complicated. There’s a cement advertisement on the television.

A huge wrestler breaks down one wall easily. There’s another wall in front of him which he again breaks down. By now, the viewers have an expectation that the wrestler is immensely strong and can break any wall. However, there’s a third walk which he tries to break but fails multiple times. This establishes the strength of the cement you’re selling.

Research shows that the repeat-break structure has a great chance of enticing. It is naturally palatable to the consumers.


Metaphors are a usual tool of speech used by us in our daily language. With time, they have found currency in all forms of linguistic articulation. Especially in advertisements, they have proved to be successful.

Research shows that consumers have a favourable reaction to metaphors being used as a part of advertisements. In fact, it has created an entire culture of myth-making with all advertisements making the product seem way more than it is. This is a theory formulated by Roland Barthes.

Thus, in modern advertising, a car brand can be linked to your sense of patriotism. That’s the level to which advertising connects.


A usual thought process in advertising has been to be overtly positive about your product. Advertisers have internalized the fact that anything remotely negative can harm their product. However, the latest research proves that consumers have a good impression of brands that reveal the missteps that they had taken earlier and how they had improved.

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For example, Mcvities biscuits did an advertisement where they said that they know that their product might not be as tasty as a Hawaiian Pizza. However, it will certainly be tastier than a regular biscuit.

Advertisements - How To Make Them More Persuasive


It is important for you to realize that overt advertising doesn’t always help. The idea of a lazy consumer is old fashioned. In fact, the modern consumer likes thinking and solve the ad in the form of a puzzle.

This is something that has been adopted by alcohol advertisements after they were decreed that they can’t directly sell their products.

During the 2016 European Football Championships, spectators saw the word “Probably” branded around the stadiums. There were no further explanations, but fans might have noted that the font resembled the logo of a famous Danish beer brand. The strategy allowed the Championship sponsors to circumvent French laws about advertising alcohol around sports events.


Consumers like to have an option that they can reject. If your brand purposely adds a less attractive option, that helps in selling the product more effectively. In fact, this is a strategy which has been used by brands for centuries.

For example, in a coffee shop, the medium variant is often as expensive as the large one. This compels the buyer to acquire the large one instead because they start finding it more feasible.

Thus, an effective transaction is done. This is how advertising can become way more persuasive.

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