Akon To Power City In Western Kenya With His Cryptocurrency

Rapper-turned-entrepreneur Akon has announced that another African city will run on his cryptocurrency, Akoin.

The Smack That singer launched his own cryptocurrency in 2019.


Akon attended the Blockdown 2020 conference, which took place as a Zoom call full of journalists on 16th April.

He announced a partnership with Mwale Medical and Technology City (MMTC) in Kenya. Located in Western Kenya, it is $2 billion science and tech hub. According to its creator Julius Mwale, MMTC is “the Hamptons of New York in Kenya.”

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Akon To Power City In Western Kenya With His Cryptocurrency

Akon plans to make MMTC a crypto city, with all of its transactions being conducted with Akoin. This means that the authorities would have to rework all of the city’s payments systems to support the cryptocurrency.

During the conference, the rapper said –

“I wanted to create something special for African citizens, especially financially, and give them a currency that they can trust and also utilize on a day to day [basis].”

He also said that his aim was for Akoin to power the whole of Africa one day.

In 2018, Akon had announced that he wanted to build a “crypto city” in Senegal that would be “a real-life Wakanda,” the futuristic African city from Marvel’s Black Panther.

However, this crypto city isn’t Akon’s first venture in Africa.

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Akon To Power City In Western Kenya With His Cryptocurrency


In 2014, he co0founded the Akon Lighting Africa project with Samba Bathily and Thione Niang. The project aims to bring electricity from solar energy to Africa. They use solar street lights and small energy systems to do so. The project has introduced solar power to more than 18 African countries.

He also co-founded the Konfidence Foundation in 2007, alongside Ms. Kine Gueye Thiam. It is a health and education charity for underprivileged children in West Africa and the United States. They work by promoting health and education. According to the foundation’s website, they aim for their “concentrated efforts in Senegal and the United States will serve as an international platform to unite these two great nations and help build the Africa of tomorrow.”




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