Alexa Now Works on 20000+ Devices!

Daniel Rausch, executive of Amazon announced to the crowd at IFA that Alexa has sung Happy Birthday to customers more than a million times and has told over 100 million jokes. At the beginning of this year, it worked with over 4000 devices. There has been rapid increase in the numbers and it has now reached 20000 plus.

Some basic information about Alexa –

It’s basically a smart speaker and has central processing unit chip installed in it. It supports voice commands. Alexa started with amazon devices and has now expanded in mobile phones, televisions, washing machines, DVRs and laptops. It also started appearing in vehicles and hotels. It is an intelligent digital assistant which could help you get through the day and would also communicate with you if you wish to do it.

Competitions of other voice assistants –

Amazon isn’t the only one with the voice assistance facility. It faces competition with Apple’s Siri, Microsoft’s Cortana, Google Assistant and Samsung’s Bixby. All these accepts voice commands and try to start up a conversation and make work easier. Hundreds of thousands of developers are working on Alexa in over 180 countries.

The executive of Amazon, Daniel Rausch said that Amazon has plans to keep building the capabilities of their voice assistant and not only keep it limited as a device for the home. The voice command makes it easy for the users to control their devices and home. A voice command is much simpler and better than any remote control. He also added that “You won’t need a manual because our device will learn about you, not the other way around”.


In an interview on May 3rd with Amazon’s Vice President of Alexa Steve Rabuchin, Amazon passed 40000 plus skill count worldwide. It appears that skill rate is growing roughly about 10000 in every 4 months.

3500 Brands on Alexa – 

Alexa is often preferred starting point by brands when it comes to turning attention to voice and the global market share leader. Many brands have shown interest in them. In January, the brands associated to them were only 1200 which has now increased to 3500. This information was announced by Daniel Rausch during his IFA presentation.

More Information –

Amazon’s Alexa Voice control is now available for iOS

Who is best – Alexa, Siri and Google Assistant

Both Alexa as well as Echo smart speakers was launched four years ago. Echo now leads the US speaker market by a healthy margin. Daniel Rausch also mentioned that Amazon has barely scratched the surface with what it can do with voice.

As of now, the customers seem to be happy to have a conversation with Alexa at their home.

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