Alexis Ohanian Resigns From Reddit Board, Urges Being Replaced By Black Candidate

The United States of America is living through historical times. The murder of George Floyd by a white police officer triggered protests against police brutality and racism all across the country. These protests have been joined by many celebrities, physically or otherwise. Celebrities like Halsey and Harry Styles have marched with fellow protestors, while others donated to organizations, like Chrissy Teigen. Now, Alexis Ohanian has done his part.

Alexis Ohanian is the co-founder and executive chairman of Reddit.

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“It is long overdue to do the right thing. I’m doing this for me, for my family, and for my country. I’m saying this as a father who needs to be able to answer his black daughter when she asks: ‘What did you do?'”

In a video posted to his social media accounts, Ohanian revealed that he would be resigning from his post as a board member of Reddit. Not only this, but he also said that he did so to make way for a black board member in the future.

“I have urged them to fill my seat with a black candidate.”

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He added –

“I will use future gains on my Reddit stock to serve the black community. Chiefly, to curb racial hate.”

Alexis also announced a $1 million (£800,000) donation to Know Your Rights Camp, a non-profit started by former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick.

He also called on other people in power to take action.

“I believe resignation can actually be an act of leadership from people in power right now.”

Alexis Ohanian

Alexis is married to Serena Williams, a tennis legend. Williams and Ohanian have a daughter together, named Olympia.

Serena Williams reacted to Alexis’ decision.

“Having diverse views on any boards is important. So proud of you Alexis. I know Olympia will be too”

He ended with a message of resilience.

“To everyone fighting to fix our broken nation: do not stop.”


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