All about instagram (PART 1)

Our earlier post mentioned various aspects of the new feature that would be added on Instagram. But what about the existing features and the details about Instagram?
Hence, sit back and read on because here is an entire guide about Instagram!

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What was the history behind Instagram?

The exciting social media app, Instagram, was in fact started off with the name Burbn. The founder, Kevin Systrom loved the Kentucky Whiskey and hence he named his Location based iPhone app Burbn.
Instagram was brought to light on 12th of October, 2010. Kevin was joined along with another programmer Mike Krieger, who are now partners.
Both Kevin and Mike came up with many prototypes and tested a lot of features before the launch. They had also come up with another prototype named Scotch before Instagram. This surely tells how much they have evolved over time.

On December 12th, 2010, Instagram gained its first success of 1 million users.
By April 2012, Instagram not only got acquired by Facebook for $1 billion, but it also reach 50 million monthly active users.

Till date Instagram has reached more than 800 million monthly active users.

Instagram’s First Photo!

Instagram has billions of pictures uploaded in various accounts. But one must be curious as to find out which was the very first photo that was uploaded on the app.

Kevin never knew that his Instagram would turn out to be this great and with so much success. The first photo was a simple picture of a dog clicked by Kevin himself near by a Taco stand. The picture also had his girlfriend’s foot.
In an interview, Kevin mentioned that if he had known Instagram would grow so much then he would have worked on his first ever post a little bit harder.
The photo had a filter on it which was known as X-PRO2 and the current Instagram users would have seen that this filter still exists on the app.

Features of Instagram-

  • Multiple Photos: Instagram, initially allowed to post photos in a square format/frame. But with current updates you can not only post varieties of photos but you can also post multiple photos of various formats.
  • Easily Share-able: The photos posted on Instagram can not only be shared among your friends and followers of Instagram, rather you can also share the photos or videos on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr and Flicker.
  • Videos and DM: In 2013, Instagram launched videos-upload option along with DM (Direct Messages) which gained more and more active users.
  • Instagram Stories: By 2016, Instagram launched Stories much like Snapchat which also had an option as Highlights which could be available on the profile even after 24 hours of the initial story.
  • Boomerang: On 22nd October, 2015, Instagram launched its famous feature known as Boomerang with which one can post short repeatable videos on stories or even as a post.
  • Like, Share, Save: You can not only like posts, (by double tapping on the posts) and share posts but you can also save the posts which you like which could be visible just for your eyes.
  • 60 second videos: Videos were of just 640*640 P resolution and the posts were hardly for just 15 seconds. From 2015, the videos were now of 1080P resolution and from 2016, the videos could be posted for 60 seconds.
  • Stickers, Filters and Hashtags: Instagram made the trend of Hashtags which became famous instantly. It also provides a variety of filters and you can select just the filters that you like and want for immediate use. Stickers are also a huge hit just like Snapchat.
  • Live Videos: Another nice feature is the Live Video. Since Instagram just allows a minute length of a video hence an important lecture, concert, etc. can be shared via live videos. Your followers could also comment on your live videos.
  • Multiple Languages: Instagram has reached yet another benchmark by providing their service in over 25+ languages. This is indeed useful for the ones who are not that sure about English and for those who would want to add descriptions in their native languages.

For more details about the features and how to use them, make sure to look into our next post.

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