All what Riders need to know about Coronavirus lockdown

The Coronavirus pandemic has led to orders of complete lockdown and curfew with some exceptions across the nation.

Essential service jobs such as security personnel, medical facilities, pharmacists internet, water and groceries have not been shutdown. While, people are asked to follow the lockdown and remain inside their homes.

The public transport has been ceased to avoid crowd gathering and community transmission. Many people are unclear about whether they are allowed to drive their personal vehicle and if the petrol pumps and service centres are open.

So here we’ll resolve your doubts.
Driving your car or riding your bike isn’t restricted if you are going to your job (if work from home isn’t available) or going to buy any of the essential goods listen above, such as grocery, milk, water etc.

However, if you went on a ride to have fun or pass your time, or may be to a beach spot, then you may have to bear penalties or strict actions by the security forces.

While, if you are low with petrol or diesel, you can get it filled at the petrol pump, which is open as it is a part of essential services.

Service centres, on the other hand may not be opened , as some companies chose to remain shut even when they same has been listed as essential service.

So, do travel by your vehicle only if it’s necessary, else remain inside and save lives.

However, if you get to take your vehicle in urgent times, ensure to clean it well from atleast these 15 parts to reduce the risk of virus:

1. Exterior door handles

2. Frame of door and roof

3. Interior door release

4. Window switches

5. Interior door handle

6. Door pocket

7. Seatbelts

8. Seatbelt clips

9. Seat adjust buttons

10. Steering wheel

11. Horn button

12. Control stalks

13. Driver air vents

14. Dashboard

15. Power button

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