Amazon and Apple will be our doctors in the future, says Peter Diamandis

“Healthcare is the biggest business in the world, and it is phenomenally broken,” shares tech guru Peter Diamandis, co-founder of the X-Prize, Singularity University, and Health Longevity Inc. “So, do I think Apple and Google and Amazon can do a better job? A thousandfold.”

“We’re going to see Apple and Amazon and Google and all the data-driven companies that are in our homes right now become our healthcare providers,” he says.

Amazon has put a lot of effort into making Alexa a health resource. “What are the symptoms for shingles?” or “What do you do if you have a cold?” he says. “It is literally hundreds if not thousands of times cheaper to do that,” he added.

It is these cost savings that he believes will allow for new models of healthcare too. Diamandis predicts Apple and Amazon will join hands with a service where a person pays a company to keep them healthy as well. “Can you prevent those things, so we don’t have these extraordinary costs?” he asks.

“The main problem for big data screening is that monitoring many features of the body with highly sensitive technologies is bound to detect many abnormalities but without the ability to tell which, if any, will become clinically manifest. As a result, more people may be labeled with more harmless conditions,” he writes

“We have to accept that there will always be some degree of risk, morbidity, and mortality,” Vogt writes. “The historian Yuval Harari, for example, rather uncritically built his book Homo Deus on this assumption: that ‘organism is algorithm,’” he says. “Both for biological and statistical reasons, there are limits to how precisely and accurately the trajectory of a human life can be predicted. This obviously limits the promise of predictive medicine.”

“Ultimately what’s best is human and AI collaboratively,” he says. “But I think for reading x-rays, MRIs, CT scans, genome data, and so forth, that once we put human ego aside, machine learning is a much better way to do that.”

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