Amazon Echo Dot Review: Better Than Echo

Amazon first launched the Amazon Echo back in 2014. Echo’s potential is only beginning to be realized, but its already one of the most versatile smart home devices available today. Along with the Echo, came the Dot. The Echo Dot is a device that takes all of the best bits of the Echo and combines it into a small subtle package fit for almost everything.

The Echo Dot allows you to give commands to Alexa, just like it does with the Echo. The responses still get beamed back down from the cloud, but with the Dot everything is reduced, the price, the package, and the audio quality. Without Alexa, Amazon’s Echo would just be another Bluetooth speaker. Amazon improvised and created Echo Dot (which is almost the size of a hockey puck) with all of the Alexa’s brains without having to buy a bulky speaker. It comes at hardly half the price of the original Echo.


Small but Powerful

The Echo Dot is still the most affordable and the smallest of all the Echo speakers currently on the market. This makes it the perfect way into smart speakers, as it’s a super subtle addition to any home and isn’t a huge financial commitment. Dot is only 1.3 inches tall and it virtually disappears into your home. The smaller Echo does compromise on sound quality to match its tiny size and price tag. However, it’s just as smart as other devices and arguably more impressive than many of its non-Alexa rivals.

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Design of Amazon Echo Dot

The Dot has 4 buttons on the top and a Light ring. The functions of those buttons are:

  • Volume Up
  • Action Button
  • Volume Down
  • Microphone Off Button

It also has 7 microphone arrays on the top. The Micro-USB Power slot and 3.5mm Audio Output are available on the side of the device. The Dot also has the same light ring found on the Echo. The light ring is triggered when Alexa is listening to you through its seven-microphone array.

Alexa has grown from an interesting curiosity into a very capable voice assistant. It can now help you with everything from telling you the weather to turning of the lights. Plenty of features are being added to it constantly. The Dot will work with any Bluetooth speaker. It also works with any audio system with RCA inputs, making full-on home theaters an option. In addition, several companies have come out with an Alexa-compatible Speaker.

Amazon Echo Dot is priced at $49.99.

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