Amazon Go: Cashier-less C-store Concept.

Amazon is reportedly looking to the United Kingdom for a future Amazon Go location for its cashier-less C-store concept.  According to the Business Insider report, the retailer is seeking a location with 3,000 to 5,000 square feet in the neighborhood that was described as “the busiest shopping area in London.” The location would be the flagship store in the United Kingdom.

Retail giant is sizing up sites close to Oxford Circus to house the flagship UK store for its Go brand. The claim comes just days after Reuters revealed that Amazon has also been drawing up plans to bring the futuristic grocery stores to American airports to cater for travellers.

Amazon go

No more queue- Amazon Go

Instead of fumbling with cash, customers scan their phones on entry and then cameras and weight sensors identify which items they buy. When they leave the store they are automatically billed to the card Amazon has on file.

The company opened its first Go store in Seattle in January and has since opened two more outlets in its home city, three in Chicago and one in San Francisco. With their USP of having ‘no lines and no checkout’, Go stores have pitched at city workers looking to pick up a quick bite on the move.

Technology has worked well in a smaller store format. The paper reported it is harder to use in larger spaces that have higher ceilings and offer more items. Currently, the cashierless technology is in use in seven Amazon Go stores located in

  • Firstly, Seattle
  • Secondly, Chicago
  • Finally, San Francisco

with plans to add more stores around the country.


Amazon in pursuit for more.

Technology that allows for this streamlined experience depends on being able to track people around the store. And tell which items they are picking up. That’s a challenge in traditional grocery stores, which have higher ceilings, bigger floor plans, and more products. Amazon would be able to fit more products into its 4,000 or 5,000 square foot retail spaces. Because it wouldn’t have to install bulky checkout counters at one end.

Each location has less than 2,500 square feet and sells drinks, groceries and other products. They are also looking into the idea of rolling out cashierless stores in airports. As it continues to expand into a host of new markets. This level of automation is already making Amazon a serious threat to labor-intensive brands like Walmart. Amazon also adds that its goal is to want to open 3,000 such stores in the next three years.

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