Amazon Restricts Sale Of Face Masks And Hand Sanitizers

With the advent of the deadly Coronavirus, self-serving people have found a way to make money out of the chaos. There has been large scale rumour mongering due to which protective gear like masks and hand sanitizer have seen a massive hike in their sales. However, Amazon has brought in a step that will look to check upon the malpractices of these sellers through its marketplace.

Let’s see what the company is doing to combat this menace.

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Amazon has begun removing hundreds of thousands of listings over price gouging. They are banning sellers who jacked up prices on health items like face masks and hand sanitizer to try and capitalize on the surge in consumer demand. Additionally, it is also cracking down on those sellers who have made false claims related to the pandemic.

Amazon Restricts Sale Of Face Masks And Hand Sanitizers

Amazon had been bashed by Sen. Ed Markley for its apparently weak response to the tactics of sellers. However, it has been praised by the government for the recent move. It is looking to prosecute more of the offenders.

This is the message Amazon has sent to sellers –

“You are receiving this message because you are currently selling, or have previously sold, products such as disposable face masks, hand sanitizers, disinfecting wipes/sprays, isopropyl alcohol or related products.”

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The message reads – “We have implemented more stringent requirements to sell these products in our store and as a result, your offers have been removed. We are not accepting applications to sell these products at this time.”

As of now, it seems like Amazon will be disallowing all new sellers from operating on its platform. This means that only the current sellers will be able to operate. Out of them, those will continue who have not run afoul of its policy.

The road ahead looks very interesting.

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