Amazon’s Alexa to get Apple Music

Music has always been a to-go option for anyone of us to relieve the stress and with time and technology advancing, music has reached new levels. Amazon’s Alexa, as popular as it is known to be a human like friend who listens to our commands and does what we tell it to do, has now been added with an uber cool updation. Apple music, limited to just Apple devices can now pair up with Alexa and what more do we want? Alexa “play Apple Music” and we’ve had our evening sorted.

Alexa, an Amazon product has been in a tuff with Google in home assistance, the major purpose of the two products, however each of the products come with their own popularity. Meanwhile, Apple on the other hand is a league on it’s own and with Apple deciding to pair up with Alexa, it’s a news that’s about something.

Apple Music

Pairing up of Alexa with Apple Music

The initial roll out has kicked off at the United States. The process has commenced by connecting the Apple Music Store account with Echo. Soon after the connection is successful, one can play the music directly from the Apple store and the speakers simply aid in playing the music from the store directly. Amazon Echo has come a long way from home assistance to music. Apple on the other hand has decided to get out of it’s bubble and join hands with Amazon on this one. However, one still cannot use Apple music on other third-party speakers and this seems like a major turn down to those who own other speakers. Apple’s HomePod are an option for apple music listeners but with Alexa coming into play, things are about to get too exciting.

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Alexa can control the playback, and tell you about music details and can play music that you’ve created through other speaker groups however the amalgamation of the two isn’t that easy as adding a song playing on an Apple Music Station to the library with Alexa is still not yet possible. Neither can one add music manually to Apple Music from one’s own collection. Apple comes with it’s own functionalities and to handle it is a task on its own.

Needless to say, it is a perfect home assistant that one would want at home but managing the two can be a task to master, and this task seems to be fruitful one. It would be pretty exciting to see how these two would go in the long run, meanwhile all we can do is sit back and say Alexa to play some nice music from our iPhones but what would be perfect is if Alexa could also be an on call person to serve us tea while the music has been enjoyed, wouldn’t it?

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