Amazon’s Wish List gets a new Collaborative Approach

Amazon users always had one major concern – to be able to share, add, remove, and edit your friends or family member’s wish list. But unfortunately, this option wasn’t available until now.

On the 26th of July, 2018, Android Police was among the first to have noticed this new collaborative wish list feature.

What was the previous scenario regarding Amazon’s Wish List –

Earlier, Amazon users could only share their wish lists with others. And any kind of adding, removing, or editing of items on the wish lists was available only on Amazon’s Wedding Registry.

This made it extremely difficult for users to plan on a birthday gift or party or a trip or any other event that required people to engage with each other. Also, since the users couldn’t chat with each other regarding the items, this delayed the planning. Basically, others had to log in to Amazon and view the shared or copied link each time.

But much like Pinterest, Amazon too allows this editing as well as chatting options to their users.

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More details on Amazon’s Collaborative Wish List –

The exact date as to when this new engaging wish list was first put forth by Amazon, has not yet been found out. But many users have tried it out for themselves and it’s very easy to use and extremely useful.

You can try it out if you spot a bubble at the bottom of your wish list’s title. It would say “+ Invite” as shown in the figure. It would have an explanation pop-up saying – “Invite others to add or remove list items.”

This allows you to share that particular page’s URL to others through text messages, emails, WhatsApp, Facebook, or any other social websites/apps. It also includes a messaging option wherein the details about the items or your plans can easily be discussed. Hence you need not go to your social apps’ screens every time in order to discuss.

You can also keep track of who is allowed to access your list by clicking on the three dots at the top right corner and then select “Manage People”.

Do note that you can still use this feature as the previous copy/share feature. You can do this by allowing the others who you invite to just view your list.

Is this new feature available to all?

According to The Verge, Amazon confirmed through an email reply, mentioning that –
the option hasn’t been rolled out to all users, and it doesn’t specify how quickly this will arrive to everyone.

But according to the many users it’s already available to almost all of the iOS users and the desktop sites.
Unfortunately the Android users might have to wait a little longer to use it on their mobiles.

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