Android Pie: The latest Android Operating System version

The latest version of Android Operating System has recently been released by Google, which is named as Android Pie. This new android OS version is the 9th version to be released till date. It is equipped with the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) at its core. It’s done to allow the android phone to adapt to the user’s way of utilizing it and to behave accordingly.

Improvised Version

Android 9 or Pie consists of a number of new enhanced features. It includes a smoother navigation system. This replaces the standard three-icon navigation bar i.e. back, home, overview. The new single home button allows the user to switch between applications. You could do this by simply swiping it once, rather than using the overview button.

By swiping up on the home button, you could have a full-screen preview of the recently used applications. By doing the same gesture twice, the list of installed applications would be visible.

Android Pie provides an easy way to track the usage of the different applications on the phone. It also helps to limit their usage according to one’s necessity. Another feature is the Adaptive Battery, which prioritizes battery depending on the most used applications. This feature automatically sets the brightness in various different settings.

Making Phone smarter with Android Pie –

According to the Vice President of Project Management, Android and Google Play, Sameer Samat, the aim of Android pie is to make the phone smarter by learning from the user and adapting to their usage patterns. This makes the entire process run fast.

The new Android version consists of Digital Well-being features. It includes a new Dashboard which shows the user the time spent on the device. It also consists an App Timer which allows the user to set certain time limits on different applications. Once the time is up, that particular application’s icon turns to grey.

The Smart Text Selection feature lets you switch between different applications easily. An enhanced way to take and edit screenshots is provided by the new redesigned Quick Settings. It includes an easier way to manage notifications and simplified volume controls. The Android pie prevents attacks by Code-reuse. It also blocks other installed features that act as an additional layer of security to bio-metrics. This makes the software more safe and secure.

Is it available to all?

Android Pie is already available to all the Google Pixel users.
Also, other devices running on Android Beta (including One Plus, Sony Mobile, Vivo, Oppo, Xiaomi, HMD Global and other essential devices with Android Beta).

Qualifying Android One devices are likely to receive this android update by the end of the year 2018.

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