Annoying Texting Habits You Should Stop in a Relationship

For harbouring a good relationship, communication is the key. Just like speaking to your significant other is important, being in touch with one another over texts is equally important. While conversing via texts, you should ensure that your text messages aren’t sending the wrong message.

Don’t ask too many questions at once

You aren’t taking an interview of your partner. So stop asking a lot of questions continuously. Instead you should indulge in deep conversations as that will help you know better about each other. Always remember that conversations are a two-way street. Thus, make sure that your partner is equally willing and is contributing positively. Also, asking one or two questions is good as it makes you seem interested.

Don’t send anything you wouldn’t tweet

Though this statement, “don’t send anything you wouldn’t tweet” seems bizarre, it holds a lot of significance. In simpler words, try to keep your texts short and crisp. Long conversations are for real-time talking. While texting, you need to make sure that bore out the other person. Thus, if your partner asks you a simple question like how’s your day, try to keep the answer simple. You don’t need to send him/her a long paragraph detailing everything you did via texts.


Don’t go overboard with the emojis

Using a lot of emoji can be annoying and highly childish. An emoji every other text should be more than enough. If you use a lot of emojis in your text, then you may come across as an immature and childish person to your person. Also, many times your text can be misinterpreted. Use of emojis in every other sentence can also mean that the person is not confident about what he is speaking.

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Don’t go nuts with abbreviations

Using abbreviations is cool and trendy. However, you should not go overboard with them as it makes you seem disinterested and immature. Adults use adult words. Thus you should take some extra seconds out of your supposedly busy schedule to spell something out. Also, avoid using the word ‘lol’ with every other text.

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