Anxiety and Stress: Is it the same?

By most of the people, stress and anxiety is considered as same. Although both of these causes similar symptoms like lack of sleep, nervousness or feeling negative, the two are absolutely different.

Following is the difference between the two:

1. Stress is causes by any external factor such as work pressure, academics, death or demise of some close one or any other.
While anxiety is the reaction or the feeling to that stressful factor.

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 2.Stress is likely to go  if we throw away or stay away from the stressful factor.

Anxiety is likely to stay even if we are no more with the stress factor.

3. Stress is usually short-term and doesn’t require severe management.
Anxiety is more severe and for longer period, it disrupts an individual’s everyday work and health.

4. Stress can be both physical and mental.
Anxiety is largely a mental concept, which changes our way of living and behaviour.

5. Stress is common among people, everyone is likely to feel stressed due to their routine or relationships.
Anxiety is less common and is a bit more worrying, which disrupts an individual’s living and it isn’t easy to come out of it.

No matter whether you are dealing with stress on anxiety, you must focus on your mental and physical health and do things that make you feel positive.Here’s how you can overcome these.

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