APPLE – this brand is more popular than the fruit itself. When we think of, or hear of news that involves Apple, the fruit that it is isn’t what comes in our minds, but it is the brand! The brand of Apple, a brainchild of Steve Jobs and two others in the year 1976 marked a commencement of an era where technology knew no bounds. This era is surviving till date, after all these years and the craze of Apple doesn’t cease to end. Every year, Apple Inc. the company that is registered under the name comes out with amazing products where technology touches the skies.

After usually releasing a product, Apple hosts an event for people where they could gain an insight about the product. The promotion strategy of the product is pretty simple. But what if someone attempted to make a parody out of the event? The thought of it is a pretty good sight and well, the truth is, this has happened already. The Bad Lip reading, a YouTube Channel has attempted the same and the result – see it on YouTube.


Bad Lip reading by Apple and its hilarious attempt

Laughter is the best medicine to relieve all the stress and monotony. In order to break the monotony of normalcy, the Bad lip reading often comes out with parodies on events. Events and every possible thing they can lay their hands on. This time, they didn’t spare an Apple Event and this is worth watching to kill time and stress with oodles of laughter. It is their first take on Apple event and we cannot stop ourselves from watching it at the very moment. The video aims at the comical aspect of the event and what it could’ve been had it been comical. It depicts the actual event with a tad bit of modification in its video and audio. It is a hilarious compilation of Apple products and their specifications with humorous come backs. The come backs are so funny, you might need some time to catch your breath!

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Care for a few spoilers?

The Bap Lip Reading (BLR) starts with a joke on something called as “Lickamaforbus” and the take on this is pretty much funnily whimsical. BLR indulges in word plays and the outcome of all of it will for sure take your stress away. The “Apple Skin Twist”, “Apple Wish Prince” are all hysterical takes on Apple products, that is a sight to behold. It then jumps on to something called as the “Handsome Anthony” and to be honest, the laughter doesn’t stop there.

Now Anthony can take you to the museum

or the snow cone palace. But if he ever asks for Geppetto,

you need to destroy him forcefully first thing, it’s vital mmmkay.”

The BLR channel aces it every time

Ohoy folks! BLR has been existing on YouTube since 2011 and their intro is amusing. “I put words into other people’s mouths” is what they describe themselves as. This was initially started by a man with the purpose of humorously lip reading. The genre it focuses on is pretty much politics, TV shows, people and anything under the sun. He consciously does it badly, hence the name – Bad Lip reading. BLR has had a take on Hillary Clinton, Sea gulls, Taylor Swift’s songs and what not! With its attempt on side splitting with Apple events, may the almighty bless his soul for providing us with bad humor! A humor so bad that compels us to laugh over and over again. So what are you waiting for? Head to the link and watch the humorous take on Apple for yourselves.

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