Apple says cheap battery replacements hurt iPhone sales

Have you ever wondered why Apple does not promote the replacement of batteries? Their theory is that if it’s easier to replace the battery, the people become impassive about buying a new iPhone. This strategy eventually adds up to the make sales for the company. This is one of the many strategies behind the Tech Giant still being on top!

Tim Cook, CEO of Apple says that a large majority prefer simply changing the battery of their old iPhone instead of upgrading to a new model, thereby hurting the sales. The battery replacement program last year has greatly reduced the sales. Apple admitted that it was enhancing performance of older iPhone models to compensate for degrading batteries. The throttling of the phones had caused the phones to sometimes shut down. It offered to cut its $79 battery replacement fee down to $29 as a way of apologizing. The CEO shared the news in a public letter addressed to investors, stating Apple lowered its revenue expectation to $84 billion, down from its previous projection of $89-$93 billion. Cook said the adjustment was due to “emerging market challenges,” the strength of the U.S. dollar, as well as weak iPhone sales.


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The price cut off and the reason behind the cut off just led more people to swapping their batteries in 2018. Now that these batteries are cheaper and easier to replace, fewer people are paying out for new iPhones. The price being up to $1,449 now. Users have become more informed on how to turn the (throttling of old iPhones) feature off. Moreover, anyone who struggled with degrading battery life could simply replace it for a $29 fee. It   won’t even be necessary to remind yourself to turn on the power saver mode or carry a batterypack. In 2018, many of the less pleasant quality of life issues for older iPhone models disappeared, and that may have meant people’s main reasons for upgrading to a new phone also vanished.

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As of November 1st, last year, Apple announced during its quarterly earnings call that it would no longer disclose how many units of iPhones, iPads, and Macs it had sold, effectively and how the company is doing in terms of demand. That’s another reason today’s admission by Apple is particularly significant. For all the viewers in india, there will productions of apple iPhones.

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