Apple silently Fixes the MacBook Pro Keyboard Issue

Apple’s MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards had many flaws. One of the main complaints were due to the reliability of the keyboards and the accumulation of foreign particles.

It isn’t sure if Apple has solved the problem but few days back, Apple had released their “third- generation” keyboards. Here’s

What were the Initial Complaints or Problems?

The following were the signs of problems which were witnessed by the customers with the older versions of the MacBook and MacBook Pro keyboards –

  • Dust or dirt getting stuck inside the keyboard’s “butterfly” mechanisms.
  • The particles made the keys feel “sticky”, i.e. they don’t respond in the right manner.
  • The keys (letters as well as characters) tend to unexpectedly repeat.
  • The characters sometimes disappear.

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What has Apple done to improve the conditions of MacBook keyboards?

Since this month, Apple has tried to fix the keyboards that have the problem by extending their service. And this service has been free of cost.

Apple has agreed on replacing the keyboards for a period of four years since their purchase. However, it can be noted that this free service doesn’t include the new models of the keyboards which were launched few days back.

So what’s the new change in the “third generation” keyboards?

Kyle Weins, who is the founder of the Independent Repair Guide iFixit, said the following regarding the matter –

“The basic flaw is that these ultra-thin keys are easily paralyzed by particulate matter. Dust can block the keycap from pressing the switch, or disable the return mechanism.
Now, Apple’s added a thin rubber layer underneath each key that might help keep specks of dust from getting lodged inside and rendering the key unusable.”

Basically the new MacBook Pro keyboards have a thin silicon cover as shown in the figure. iFixit considers as a layer that “cocoons the butterfly switches”.

MacBook pro 2018

What’s the catch?

Well, an interesting fact is that this is not invented in order to avoid the previous dust related problems, rather it’s said to avoid noise. Hence, this new keyboard basically tends to give a quieter experience.

Also, Apple had filed a patent in March, wherein the design is said to “block liquid ingress around the keys into the keyboard”. Although this wasn’t a very common problem faced by the customers.

So why has Apple avoided to claim the design change has been made for the previous sticky keys problem?

The reason could be as a matter of cover up and here’s why –

  • John Gruber from Daring Fireball, points out that Apple is facing multiple lawsuits on reliability of the previous keyboards. Hence, they won’t win the lawsuits if they come up with the actual reason.
  • Apple claims that the defective design was seen in just few keyboards hence with the lawsuits fend off, it’s quite obvious that they won’t claim they’re keyboards were defective.

Hence, with the free service laid out for the new models, Apple seems to believe in their “third generation” MacBook Pro keyboards.
So, go ahead and try them yourself, in order to find out if it avoids the previous issue or not.

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