Apple to Follow the Dual SIM Trend

As we mentioned in our previous articles, Apple has planned to release three new iPhones this year. Well, there’s more good news!
Those phones could be dual SIM.

Apple faces a lot of competition. One of the major reasons being dual sim. Previously Bloomberg had reported that the iPhone X Plus and the budget LCD variant of the iPhone will include dual-SIM options in some region. It’s still not confirmed whether Apple will make this option as default globally or restrict it to Asian markets much like India and china. It would be more meaningful because the users have been expecting this for quite some time now.

Why Dual SIM?

Apple will be focusing on Chinese markets than others because it’s a matter of convenience rather than cost-effectiveness. Until last year, the people in china had to buy a new sim if they moved from Beijing to Shanghai. The Chinese carriers also charged roaming fees and made long-distance domestic calls more expensive. People used to buy unlocked phones instead of buying a new sim to reduce the cost.

Thus, having a dual sim allows people to switch between carrier networks according to their needs. Europeans had to face a similar issue until the EU decided to regulate and finally put an end to roaming charges.

The Dual SIM scenario among various countries –

The dual-SIM phones have been around for years in Indian and Chinese markets, top selling brands being Xiaomi and Samsung. They are still unheard in many developed markets such as US and the UK. Apple would benefit more from China as the number of users are more compared to other countries.
In countries like India, Apple would find it difficult to do so because of the increasing competition, there are many other brands which provide dual sim with much lesser cost. Brands like Samsung and OnePlus are become more popular these days.

Apple hasn’t shown any signs of dropping the price in order to gain more users in cost-conscious regions. Its hard to image a dual-SIM iPhone making a difference in countries like India because of other companies providing high-end phones at a much lower cost. It’s highly unlikely that dual-SIM support would have been a deal-breaker for many people. This includes major markets like Brazil and Russia.

It wouldn’t be surprising if Apple limits the sale of dual-SIM iPhones to just china. Conversely, it would be very surprising if Apple decides to sell such Models in the US and beyond. Americans are not used to such a feature.

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Although, there is no way of being sure about this unless an official word is out from Apple regarding this news. All we can do is wait, maybe Apple will surprise everyone with new amazing features. Make sure you come back soon for further updates regarding this news.

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