Apple iOS 12 Review: Better version

Apple iOS 12 update was announced at Worldwide Developer Conference in June and is now finally available. After using beta version for months, the official update has come out. For once, Apple crafted a software update that feels just as valuable on old hardware as it does on the shiny new stuff.

With every iOS update, the old users are concerned about updating their devices. As in an urban legend for years Apple has intentionally slowed down its old devices with software updates. This was done to subtly encourage customers to upgrade to the latest models.


Summary of Apple iOS 12

But iOS 12 is a very different software update for Apple. It does not pack loads of new features or a massive redesign. Unlike in years past, where the focus has been on bright, flashy changes, this time its just lots of polish and a few thoughtful additions. This year’s update puts the emphasis first on working better instead of better looks.

This update may not sound as exciting like the old ones but has many benefits like:

  • Better notifications
  • A more proactive Siri
  • Tools to help you understand your phone use

It will probably boost the performance of the old iOS devices.

Improved Performance

Apple claims that things are different with iOS 12. It will make the device faster even if its an old one. Apple has promised things like 40 percent faster speeds for launching apps and up to 70 percent faster speed improvements for the launching of camera. Its tough to say if those numbers are true but it’s worth a try.

iOS 12 feels far more stable than last year’s iOS 11. iOS 11 was infamously plagued with months of bugs and issues. It’s nice to see that Apple is giving older devices some more attention this time around.

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With new update you can find out:

  • The amount of time spent on your phone or tablet
  • The apps you’re spending it on
  • How many notifications each app is sending you
  • How many times you pick up your phone

Screen time also gives you tools to manage use of your phone. Daily time limits will be instituted that will eventually block you from using apps if you reach the quota. It’s completely left on users to decide whether they want these limits or use it in their own convenient way.

In iOS 12, you’ll see Siri in ways you might not have seen before. If you have a missed call, you’ll have a notification pop up to make sure you call back. This year’s Siri actively tries to help you get things done.

There are many more exciting updates by apple in iOS 12, make sure to update your device.

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