Apple Maps VS Google Maps-Make your Choice

Apple and Google have always been competing with each other. Currently, Apple Mapsand Google Maps are giving a tough choice as to which one to choose.

Hence, here is a good comparison between the two so that you can choose which one is more useful for you.

Price, Availability and Updates –

Both Apple as well as Google are completely free of cost.

But when it comes to availability, Apple is obviously only used for its devices, i.e. iOS, MacOS, WatchOS devices.
Whereas Google, on the other hand, is used in every single device (excluding the non-smartphones). Also, Google maps can be installed from Apple store as well.

Regarding updates, unfortunately Apple has a drawback here since Apple maps can be updated only when there is an iOS update.
But Google rolls out updates for its apps which can be easily downloaded from the Play Store.

Accuracy of the Maps –

Google spent $500 million in order to buy Skybox, a famous satellite imaging company. This purchase as a result, improved the accuracy of Google maps.

Apple, initially when it was launched, faced a lot of criticism but they are improving but the accurate is just good enough. There are many problems for the rural users.

Search Listing –

Google maps, as known by many, has a lot to give out in the search listings. It also tends to give out a particular place’s user ratings, opening hours of businesses, images with descriptions, etc. with the help of its third party apps.

Apple, on the other hand, also seems to have few third party apps, such as – Yelp, TripAdvisor, Foursquare, Weather Channel, and TomTom.

Traffic and Transportation –

Google once again stand out when it comes to Traffic prediction. It’s not only accurate but it has an easy way to show to the customers. The route as well as the estimated time will be shown in red if there’s traffic in that route.
Apple shows the traffic much the same way, but the estimated time’s color doesn’t change.

Transportation is an additional advantage in Google, since it shows public transportationas well as bicycle routes, which can be very convenient for many.

Integration and Privacy –

Apple has its advantage in its OS integrations. It has extensions which allows apps like Uber or Lyft to be used inside the app. Apple’s in-car integration, i.e. CarPlay, lets you navigate in the dashboard.
Also, many tend to prefer Apple’s Privacy policy.

Since Google has been in the market for long, thus it has an upper edge when it comes to software as it has more data. But Google’s privacy policy is comparatively unappreciated by many.

Siri and Google Assistance –

Siri and Google Assistance, makes your navigation easier. Both tend to provide context-aware-suggestions based on your criteria.

Siri support allows you to create a route simply by asking, and if you use your iOS Calendar for meetings and appointments, you’ll get traffic alerts and ETA announcements.
Instead of having to build a database of company reviews, Apple Maps has Yelp integration to populate data.

Google Assistance too provides certain qualities like Apple but Siri is preferred for its ease among the Apple users, although Google is improving in a rapid pace.

3D view and icons –

Google is again the winner when it comes to 3D view as well as icons. It tends to show the location’s 3D model of most buildings (like Empire State Building).

Google has fewer icons on the main screen, but there are more options to change further like Explore, traffic, driving, satellite, transit, terrain and biking. Also, it has more icons on the map view like Petrol Bunks, etc. more accurately.

Apple has a flat view for the buildings and it has few but custom icons. They also show that particular location’s weather.

Flyover mode VS Street View mode –

Flyover mode in Apple, is one of its stand out features. This feature enables you to explore densely populated urban centers in 3D landscapes composed of models of buildings and structures.
Flyover also has what are known as City Tours, which guide you around various landmarks in a city.

Google on the other hand has Google Tour Creator which is nearly same as Apple’s City Tours. It also has a Street View mode, which give out a panoramic as well as real world photographic view of various streets around the entire world.
Google also lets you customize your routes by adding stops and avoiding tolls.

Navigation –

Both have turn-by-turn navigation, although Apple’s seems a bit simpler. The biggest selling point for Apple Maps’ turn-by-turn navigation has to be the 3D maps (activated by swiping up with two fingers once you start a journey).

Whereas Google lets you play navigation instructions via Bluetooth or phone call. It also has automatic as well as manual day/night color change schemes.
Another interesting point is Google’s parking detection feature which lets you save a spot for yourself.

Apple has a simpler interface and an automatic night mode but it’s not safe to leave it ON for a long time. Parking detection can be used by selecting Settings and then choosing Maps.

Offline-mode –

Apple tends to use Vector Graphics, which lets you use lesser data compared to Google. But there is no option to download the maps for offline use.

Whereas in Google maps, you could download the entire section of your map over your Wi-Fi or data in order to view offline. This is very useful for those who have limited internet access.

Google maps - Save Maps Offline (Apple as well as Android devices)
Google maps – Save Maps Offline (Apple devices as well as Android devices)

So clearly, both have their pros and cons although Google seems to have an upper hand. Also, Apple has grown tremendously since its terrible launch 6 years back. Thus, Apple could give out more interesting features soon.

But in the end, it comes down to which of the maps is more comfortable according to you. And if you’re a traveler then it’s wise for you to have access to both Apple maps as well as Google Maps.

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