Apple Users Infuriated with the Latest iOS Update

Recently, Apple released a new update, but not many users are too thrilled about it. The main grouse is with the  email function, where people often found their emails deleted by accident. To be precise, prior to the update, the reply icon, was located near the bottom right corner of the screen. Then, the icon mysteriously disappeared, along the email.

It’s happened dozens of times since, frustrating many iPhone users who’ve been tripped up by a minor change. Previously, Apple were renowned for its forward-thinking design, but may have taken a step backwards.

In the newest version of the iPhone email app, the trash icon is now where the reply icon used to be. And they’re too close together for some people.

“I end up deleting the email by accident instead of replying to it,” said a user “If I’m lucky, I’ll remember who I was replying to and then search for their name in trash. But it’s incredibly frustrating and time consuming.”

In fact, many iPhone users, including some high-profile people, have vented their frustrations on social media.

“Who at @Apple thought this was the best positioning for the trash icon in emails???” asked John Roberts, chief White House correspondent for Fox News.

So far, Apple has declined to respond to the tweets, including some asking for a fix in future software updates. Apple also did not reply to email requests for comment from NBC News.

Apple’s devoted fan base came to expect design perfection after a string of breakthrough products over the years, including the iMac in 1998 and the iPhone in 2007.

However, the Apple mania has waned, though, after a series of contentious decisions including eliminating the dedicated headphone jack from new iPhones and frequent changes to the iTunes/Music app. Some critics even say that beauty has trumped usability. One can only imagine that poor old Steve Jobs is tossing and turning in his grave.

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