Apps you should look forward to this month!!!

New apps are being launched by developers on a regular basis now. It is difficult to keep a track on all the apps launched. But here are a few really helpful apps from September 2018 that users should definitely check out.

1. Blog Compass: If you are a blogger or inspire to be a blogger and you want to have an idea of the topics you can focus on, get some knowledge about the statistics of your website, find key metrics of your readership then this app is perfect for you. However, this app has recently only been launched in India and is freely available.

2. Envision AI

This app enables visually impaired people to live more independently. If you place your phone at something, the apps tells you what you are looking at. Therefore, it acts as a vision to the blind. They can shop at super markets, recognize their belongings, read menu cards in restaurants, can easily avail public transports and much more. This app not only helps the visually impaired, but  is also very helpful to the normal people in their day to day life. Envision can also recognize scenes and faces of your family and friends.

3. Firefox Rocket

Firefox Rocket is a new browser from Firefox that lets you save your phone storage, data, capture and share contents, and browse quickly even on slow connections. It is a light feature-packed browser which has the ability to save whole web pages for offline viewing, and other basic features. However, Firefox Rocket is currently available only in Indonesia.

4. GoDaddy

GoDaddy is the official application for the GoDaddy domain name service. GoDaddy powers the world’s largest cloud platform dedicated to small, independent ventures. You can keep track of your previous purchases, buy new domain names, renew older domains, and monitor your website performance. It also has a website builder too for beginners.


These applications have been a game changer for many. Check them out!



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