Are Aluminum Utensils Unsafe For Cooking?

Aluminum is the third most abundantly found element on the planet. It has its presence everywhere. The utensils which we most commonly use for cooking is also made up of aluminium. This is because aluminium is cheap, light-weight material that doesn’t cause any trouble cooking.

But do you know?
Aluminum is not safe for cooking. It is found that in the heads of some patients with Alzheimer’s.

So you must be wondering what’s wrong with aluminium utensils?
While you cook food alumnium, the alumnium leaches into it. The quantity of alumninium that leaches into your food also depends on the utensil as well as food.

If utensil is old and weary, it will enable more food to leach. Also, in case of acidic such as lemon, tomato etc, the leaching would be more.

Although our bodies can tolerate a certain amount of aluminum, which is usually more than what we consume safely.
However, we all know that aluminium is not safe for consumption as it can lead to cancer and other disorders.

Therefore, we should refrain from using aluminum utensils and shift to steel or earthen pots.

We must also stop using aluminum foil as the same is very unfit for consumption.

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