Arlo Pro 3 – A Fantastic Security Camera

Imagine securing your houses or shops with a security camera that can record in 2K resolution quality with HDR. The all new Arlo Pro 3 can also tilt, pan, and zoom in to follow movement; along with a colored night vision. Well, read on because there’s more to this smart home security system. 

Arlo Pro 3 – A Fantastic Security Camera

Arlo is announcing the latest generation of its home security camera system, the Pro 3. These new cameras make the jump to 2K resolution recording quality with HDR, up from 1080p with the Pro 2. Each camera features its own spotlight, too, which does exactly what you’d expect: flood the area in light. In addition, it allows color night vision; so, in theory, you’ll be able to make out colors and other details in the dead of night.

Aside from a bump up in image quality, a few other things have changed. The Pro 3 cameras have a 160-degree field of view, a slight but welcome improvement over the 130-degree field of view in the previous iteration. Arlo says that having conversations with people through the camera will be better now with the Pro 3, thanks to their full duplex microphones that allow for more natural back-and-forth chatter. Also, these cameras will be able to tilt, pan, and zoom in on a subject when it detects movement.

Like the Pro 2, the Pro 3 is IP65 weather-resistant, and Arlo’s IoT ecosystem support still includes Apple HomeKit, Amazon Alexa, and Google Assistant. These cameras are wire-free and rechargeable, lasting up to six months before needing to be powered up again.

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Availability –

The Arlo Pro 3 releases this week on and at Best Buy. Arlo says that these cameras will be compatible with preexisting Arlo Ultra accessories as well as previous base stations. So if you just want one of these $199.99 cameras piecemeal, that’s available. This price is on par with the cost of Ring’s battery-powered Spotlight Cam and the Nest Cam IQ Indoor, but Arlo’s system requires a base station, and the others do not. Still, Arlo provides a higher resolution and some features you won’t find from Ring or Nest.

The full system, which includes a Smart Hub and two cameras costs $499. That option will include a free three-month trial to Arlo Smart (it usually costs $9.99 per month), its service that keeps a rolling record of recordings. The trial of its Smart service has an e911 feature that allows authorities to pinpoint the location of the camera if you call for emergency help from within the Arlo app.

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