Backpacker’s guide for beginners

How many of us dream of skipping the daily routine and escaping the town for a while. Maybe exploring the mountains or beaches or even another city but not spend a huge chunk of our savings for a fun getaway. Backpacking is the best way to go if you’re in for some real adventure and exploration. But along with the fun comes the challenges. Here are a few things to take care of before starting your journey.

Set up a budget

Budget planning is always good to do before planning any trip. Set up a realistic budget depending of the places and days of your travel. Though you may not be able to stick to it strictly but having a rough estimate of your expenses always helps in planning the journey.  The journeys are always packed with a lot of new experiences and you don’t want to miss out any chances because of the budget planning so set up a miscellaneous budget for the fun activities.

Don’t pack too much to carry

Backpacking involves a lot of traveling and unpredictable adventures and carrying the excess load could be painful. Pack versatile and basic clothes that you can wear more than once through the journey. Packing light ensures a hassle free commute with the baggage.

Carry all the pills

Getting sick while traveling is a nightmare. Especially when you’re traveling alone to unknown places where locating the nearest pharmacy could be a task. Pack all the medication you think you could need like for the common infections, nausea, headache and other body aches. Don’t forget to pack a first aid kit as well.

Research about the place a little

Exploring a new city doesn’t always have to be tough. Research a little about the place you’re visiting and the things you would like to try. Look for good deals at the hostels around the area for stay instead of going for hotels. It will help in giving you a start and a sense of direction and then follow wherever the journey takes you.

Pack some entertainment

The journey can be long and you will find yourself with nothing to do quite a lot. Carry your iPad or the book you’ve been trying to read from a long time along with your headphones.

And don’t forget to take pictures and cherish the new memories in making. Happy backpacking.


  1. How in the hell do u know anything about me and a backpack wtf where are u at and who are you wow unbelievable really

  2. That is a good guide to backpacking thanks I do that quite a lot going to new places a d taking in the veiws

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