Baseball To Make A Return With Shorter Season

Americans have been dying to see sports re-enter their lives. With the raging coronavirus pandemic, fans have been starved to see some sports action on their TV screens. However, some good news might soon be coming their way as baseball looks to make a return. While live audiences are still a distant thing in the future, you can certainly catch live action on your TV screens. The pioneer American baseball league, Major League Baseball (MLB), has decided to bring back some action.

This will be done by implementing some major changes. The first and foremost will be to truncate the size of the season. What this means is that the league wants to organize the event in some possible form.

Baseball To Make A Return With Shorter Season

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There’s some major plan in the works. Major League Baseball is looking to go with a 60 match season against the usual 162 one.

“All remaining issues have been resolved and Players are reporting to training camps,” the association said Tuesday night on Twitter.

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Baseball To Make A Return With Shorter Season

“The proposed schedule will largely feature divisional play, with the remaining portion of each Club’s games against their opposite league’s corresponding geographical division (i.e., East vs. East, Central vs. Central and West vs. West), in order to mitigate travel,” the league said.

This can be a major game-changer. It reduces the amount of travel required while facilitates a limited season. That’s the kind of innovation required right now to ensure we get to see some baseball action.

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