Basic Dining-Table Etiquettes Everyone Should Know

At any age, regardless of your occupation and salary, you should be aware of the table etiquettes to follow when invited to someone’s house for a barbecue. In your life, you must have had an encounter with someone who lacks basic table manners like spilling the food, eating with the mouth open. This would have only made you feel disgusted. And I’m sure that you won’t be willing to appear like that to some other person dining with you.

Thus it is mandatory to behave properly in both formal and informal settings while having a meal. This will not only prevent you from feeling embarrassed but will also help in feeling confident about yourself.



  • Never start the meal before the host

You should wait until the food is served to everyone on the table and the host has started eating. As you don’t want to be in a situation where you are halfway with yours starters when the host says, “Bon Appetit!

  • Don’t blow your food and spill it on others

If the food is too hot for your liking, then wait for it to cool down instead of blowing it. Also, make sure to use a kerchief while coughing so that the food doesn’t spill on anyone.

  • Pass the salt and pepper together

Even if someone asks you to give only one thing between the two, you should make sure to pass both the items. Also, never season your food without tasting.

  • Place the napkin on your chair

Never place your dirty napkin on the table if you leave the table during a meal. Instead you should keep it on your chair and go. Also, place your dirty napkin to the left of your plate only when everyone has finished and you are ready to leave the table.

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  • Eat with mouth closed

Never chew with your mouth open or make loud noises when you eat. Although it is possible to talk with a small piece of food in your mouth, do not talk with your mouth full.

  • Do not leave the table in the middle

You should not leave the table during the meal except in an emergency. If you must go to the bathroom or if you suddenly become sick, simply excuse yourself. Later you can apologize to your host by saying that you did not feel well.

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