Beer: 5 amazing health benefits

Who doesn’t like beer? With so many breweries and festivals dedicated to this alcoholic beverage, beer is loved by millions. Going for a night out or even during your Sunday brunch, this beverage is enjoyable anytime. And even though the beer lovers don’t need many reasons to drink, here are 5 amazing health benefits of this beverage to keep you sipping.


Nutritious than other alcoholic beverages

Did you know that beer is even more nutritious than wine? It is rich in proteins and Vitamin B. Other than that, it contains iron, calcium, fibers and phosphates. It is also rich in some unique antioxidants coming from the malt and hops. Grab a mug for that little extra nutrition with all the fun.


Good for the heart

Beer has a thinning effect on blood and it reduces the chances of clot formation, thereby preventing coronary heart diseases. According to studies, beer drinking in moderation can help reduce the chances of cardiovascular diseases. Worry a little less and drink on this fun juice; your heart asks for it.

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Good for mental health

Not just your physical health but it also takes care of your mental health. Beer helps in the release of dopamine that makes you feel more calm and relaxed. Studies show that not only it can protect the brain from neurodegenerative diseases but also help in boosting memory. Visit your favorite brewery when you’re a little blue to feel good and get rid of the day’s stress and anxiety.


Strengthens the bones

Beer is high in dietary silicon content that helps you strengthen your bones, connective tissues and have a higher bone density. Due to this property, it also decreases the risk of osteoporosis. Taking special care of the bones after a certain age is essential but who knew it could be this fun.


Positive effects on the skin and hair

Beer is rich in vitamins that help cure acne and give you a glowing skin. Not only this, it also adds some shine to your hair. Try washing your hair with it to get instant shine, smoothness and healthier looking hair.



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