Benefits of Apple Beetroot Carrot (ABC) Juice

ABC or Apple Beetroot Carrot juice is one of the most popular detoxification drinks, with several other health benefits. All the three fruits/veggies are highly nutritious and thus offer great benefits to the body in terms of cleaning, providing nutrition and refreshing. Following are some of the main benefits of ABC Juice for which you should consume it as the first thing in the morning:

1. Detoxification

Your body requires cleaning every once in a while to eliminate the toxins from the body. This helps in enabling better absorption of food that you intake and thus better functioning of your system.

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2. Boosts Immunity

“An apple a day keeps doctors away” is a popular phase known by everybody because apple helps boost immunity and keep your body away from diseases. Now imagine the impact of adding other nutritious foods like carrot and beetroot.

3. Purifies Skin

All the three key ingredients of the juice are great antioxidants, which enable purification of your skin from within, thereby reducing acne, cleaning spots and making skin glow.

4. Improves Concentration

ABC juice is highly known to improve cognitive functioning by boosting blood flow in the nerves. Drinking this juice daily will enable you to focus better on your work and remember things for long.

5. Promotes Weight loss

Last but not the least, ABC juice promotes weight loss if taken as the first thing in the morning because it improves the functiong of digestive system by cleaning intestines and boosting metabolism.


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