Voice Over Internet Protocol abbreviated as VOIP is a technology by which voice messages can be communicated over Internet Protocol (IP) networks like the Internet. It works like a phone service using the internet rather than the traditional telephone service. 

Advantages of VOIP 

Easy to install and maintain

VOIP phones are easier to install than the normal ones. There is not much technical knowledge needed for this. There are no extra wires or cables required. The installation involves setting up an IP phone without even installing the software.

Lower cost

The service can be used at a very low cost. If you have an internet connection, you can almost consider using VOIP as free. All you have to pay is the internet charges as the service involves no extra charge for hardware, wires, cables, etc.

Portable number

A VOIP number, generally known as the virtual number, is completely portable. The same number can be used wherever you go. This is especially useful for people who travel frequently. Even if the address is changed they can be reached in the VOIP number.

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Lower taxes

If you take a look at your telephone bill, you can see that you pay a lot of money as a tax. But the government has not imposed heavy taxes on VOIP phone services. Thus, choosing it over the traditional phone service is a great money saver.

Many features available 

The Voice Over Internet Protocol phone service is nothing less than the traditional service. It supports a number of features like conference calls, call divert, call hold, etc. Even in today’s world there are instances where you need the facility of fax. It provides a feature called virtual faxing for this purpose. The email account linked with the system can be used to send and receive fax messages.

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