Bernie Sanders And How He’s Different From Elizabeth Warren

The biggest story emerging out of the Democratic primary was an unwillingness by Senator Elizabeth Warren to endorse Bernie Sanders after dropping out of the race. This was despite the fact that both of them ran on a similar progressive policy plank.

There was a consensus that this hurt Bernie’s campaign a lot where he could have certainly used some consolidation behind him. In fact, there was a lot more going on beneath the surface. Many white feminists abandoned the Presidential race immediately after Warren dropped out. They decried the fact that this was just two old farts competing against each other now.

However, a fundamental mistake was made in dismissing Bernie Sanders as merely another white man. An analysis of his policy shows that he was perhaps the most feminist candidate in the Democratic primary race. Perhaps way more than Elizabeth Warren.

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Bernie Sanders And How He's Different From Elizabeth Warren


The policy measures touted by Bernie Sanders and Elizabeth Warren appear very similar on hindsight. Both advocate for healthcare to be made affordable, abolishing college debt and levy wealth taxes. They also vow to make progressive environmental policies and support universal childcare.

However, there’s a key difference. Warren argues that she wants to reform capitalism from within by dismantling corruption. On the other hand, Bernie has a problem with the entire structure and the way it operates.

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Elizabeth Warren - Case Of USA's Sexist Voter Pool

Towing to the liberal line makes Warren blind of so many evils that this system imposes upon female bodies, especially black and brown women. The fact that she deviated her stand on abolishing private health insurance also ignores the major need that women have of health insurance being made affordable.

Health insurance is not the only area of concern. Even on the green new deal that sought to improve the lives of so many working-class women, Warren adopted a milder stand. Bernie Sanders has continuously focused his campaign on pushing those policies that favour women of all classes. His policies resonated more with women who have been left behind by white feminism as they embraced capitalism

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