Best 5 fashion neutral winter tops for women in 2020

Having some cute neutral winter tops, is a must from any wardrobe. Not just these are super classy, but also budget-friendly styles.
And the best part is that they go well with anything.

Here’s a list of top 5 winter-top styles you must get in 2020

1- Turtleneck

Turtleneck sweaters and tops are basic. Genuinely, you can wear it each day during winters. All you need to do is pick up a catchy piece and style it in your own ways, may be by doubling up on knots, giving it a really cool look.
Pair your turtleneck with any jeans you love. However, teaming a turtleneck sweater with a high-waist ans wide-leg jeans along with a blazer will complete the look.

2- Cardigans

Cardigans weren’t considered as fashionable in 90s. But now it is. Thanks to fashionistas and designers who have proved that you need not to look like a grandmother in cardigans. All you need to remember is to style it well. The easiest way to wear the cardigan is over straight-leg jeans and a T-shirt – oversized styles are key to prevent your look from being twee. Or tuck it into high-waisted trousers for a slimmer silhouette.

3- Ruffle sweaters

Ruffles are all over the runways this winters. The same fashion element is seen in sweaters, too!
The ruffles are either on the sleeves or the entire dress. It undoubtedly gives a trendy look to the winter outfit.

4-Wrap blouse

An extension of the wrap dress, wrap blouse sweaters truly make a statement. The style is figure-flattering and versatile for the office, weekend and evening outings, wrap tops and sweaters are a key silhouette this season.

5-Sweater dress

Can you winter be complete without wearing sweater dress atleast once? I doubt. The best part about sweater dress is it’s flexibility. You can style it any way you like. And, it comes in a variety of Colors, sizes, textures and patterns. It is perfect to keep you warm during winters. All you need to compliment it is a pair of above-the-knee boots, and you are done.

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