Do you know these 5 best apps for planning your vacation?

As much as we love to go on trips, planning a trip seems dreary. If you’ve been wanting to take a vacation but always keep delaying because planning the trip scares you then, lucky for you, here are the apps to make the job easier.


TripIt app helps you organize your travel itinerary and documents required for your upcoming trip+ You just have to send your documents, reservation confirmation emails to and it creates a master itinerary for you so you can have it all sorted at one place. It also helps in sharing your trip plans with others in case you’re traveling with someone or meeting someone during your trip. On upgrading to the Pro version, it also helps you in finding alternatives in case any of your reservations are cancelled.


As the name suggests, Packpoint helps you in packing for the trip. The app assists you with what to pack depending on the duration of your trip, the weather of the place you’re traveling to and the activities you plan to do during the trip. You just have to download the app and enter your travel dates and destination and let Packpoint guide you through it.


Airbnb is a very popular app that helps you in search for accommodation in the city you’re traveling to. It helps you choose from private apartments, homes, individual rooms and even hotel rooms. All you have to do is select your destination, number of people and travel dates and choose from the options Airbnb has to provide.

Google Trips

Google trips helps in giving your trip a direction. It helps you plan out your days during the trip by creating customized guides, maps and also letting you locate the best restaurants and activities around the place you’re staying. T collects all your information from your Gmail account and stores so making it accessible even when you’re offline.


Kayak functions as an all-inn-one app required for a trip. It helps you find the best deals on the flights, hotels or rental cars for your destination. Not only does it help you with bookings, it helps in organizing your bookings and updates the wait times and the airport terminal maps. It even lets you measure your luggage using the phone’s camera. Another wonderful feature of the app is ‘Explore the world’ which helps you in deciding a destination for your trip based on your budget.

After all, traveling should be all fun and no worry.

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