Books are great medium of knowledge and information about several things in the world. For some, their day doesn’t end without reading books. But for others, that’s the most annoying part. Some fall asleep as soon as they open book. While others never finish any book they started.

If you are looking on to develop your book-reading habit and thus, searching for such book that keeps you engaged and makes you read more of them, read the following books for beginners:

1. Train to Pakistan- by Khushwant Singh
If you are looking for a book that connect your emotions, go for this one. It is the story of a Sikh man and Muslim woman who fell in love and surpass the hatred of civil war when one summer a train with dead bodies arrive.


2. Harry Potter- by J.K Bowling
Harry Potter is the most loved character for every kid. It has been the favourite since generations. It is a story of a kid who lives with his cruel uncle and aunt after the death of his parents. His fortune changes when he comes to know he is a wizard.

3. The Alchemist- by Paulo Cohelo
The story is about a shepherd boy who travels from Spain to Egypt to search for a treasure buried near Egyptian bodies. The story gives a beautiful message of following our hearts and dreams, making them a reality by fighting all the obstacles that come our way.

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