Best free go-to music apps for android and iOS

Life is one big musical. We have background music in our heads for almost every situation. Paying for something that is such a basic want in life doesn’t seem fair. Here’s a list of some of the best music apps that you can access for free.


Spotify is a popular music streaming service globally with over 30 million tracks in its library. The free version of the app is a great choice and you can search for and listen to various artists. Spotify also creates playlists for you based on your favourite genres for free and also gives you suggestions regarding the artists you may like. As a free user you may get ads in between the songs but it is as good as the premium version when it comes to streaming.


SoundCloud is an excellent choice if you’re open to discovering something new. This app offers different ways to enjoy the music you already like but also discover new artists. This app offers a chance to the artists who aren’t signed to any record labels to launch their career. Instead of listening to the music you always listen to, SoundCloud encourages you to discover new music and highlights the recently added music.

Youtube music

Youtube music is another app that lets you stream through millions of songs. You can listen to all the mainstream songs and a few independent artists. The YouTube music free version does not aloow offline listening and plays ads in between the songs but it is just as good as premium for streaming.

iHeart Radio

iHeart Radio lets you listen to live radio, podcasts, news and create radio stations as per your music preferences. There is no requirement of creating any account to use this app. Though it is an advertisement free app but it lets you skip only a limited number of songs per day.


Pandora, like iHeart Radio is a radio style player. By entering a song, artist or genre, it can create stations for you. It also recommends you music that you may like based on your preferences and understanding your music history. You need to create an account for the app and the free version supports advertisements and lets you skip a limited songs per day.

You can download the apps to stream your music the way you want. Enjoy your music for free not just in your head but also in your pockets.  Happy streaming.

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