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Keyboards are one of the most important feature in your smartphone. In fact while choosing a smartphone, one must look into the keyboard first. The ease with which you can type, speed of typing or swiping, emoji’s, GIFs, accurate touch-sense, and many other features need to be checked.

Keyboard is the app which you don’t normally consider to be changed and end up using the default keyboard of your phone. But one would be requiring the keyboard for many important tasks like passwords, social security numbers, tweets, texts, predictive texts, etc.

One would find it extremely difficult to find out the best apps among so many apps and also to find the apps suitable for your phone without malwares, etc.
Hence, we have saved your research time and provided you with a list of all the current best apps in the play store which you can download easily and make the most out of your keyboards.

1) Swiftkey

  • It’s one of the most common option for the default keyboards of both Android as well as iOS phones.
  • It’s acquired by Microsoft and is considered among the trusted apps with over 250 million users worldwide.
  • It contains Artificial Intelligence which makes the app learn your typing patterns as well as predict the next set of words while typing, much like most of the apps.
  • It has autocorrect and Gesture typing which makes the typing process faster.
  • Additionally, it has various themes, emoji’s, GIF search engine and bilingual features (switch between languages in mid-sentence).
  • It supports over 100 languages.
  • It provides floating keyboard options (useful in tabs).
  • Allows cloud service to remove details and makes sure to not learn/adapt passwords, card details, etc.
  • It’s available for free with some in-app purchases for themes.
    Download SwiftKey keyboard Android app


2) Gboard-

  • It’s reliable and fast.
  • It supports gesture typing as well as voice typing.
  • Provides Google search engine along with suggestions for emoji’s and GIFs.
  • It has dark themes, personal keyboard background picture, phrase prediction, etc.
  • Also, it supports hand-drawn emoji recognition feature as well as multilingual feature of over 100 languages.
  • It supports one handed mode.
  • There is no malware.
  • You can make your own GIFs like the iOS users.
  • It’s absolutely free without any in-app purchases or ads.

Download Gboard keyboard Android app


3) Fleksy-

  • It’s proven to be the fastest keyboard among the lot as it holds the world record for typing-speed twice.
  • It uses accurate autocorrect and gesture features.
  • Swiping gesture allows quick addition of punctuations, space, word corrections, delete, etc.
  • It contains over 50 customisable themes along with 3 different keyboard sizes.
  • Additionally, it has more than 800 emoji’s, GIF’s, etc.
  • Keyboard shortcuts can be added and used for navigation of apps as well.
  • It contains over 40 different languages.
  • It’s malware-free and doesn’t leak out any personal data.
  • It has customisable extension bars above the keyboard.
  • It’s absolutely free with some in-app purchases but no ads.
    Download Fleksy keyboard Android app


4) Chrooma-

  • It provides more customisable option than Gboard.
  • It supports swipe typing, gesture typing, predictive texts as well as autocorrect.
  • Also it has a unique keyboard resizing feature.
  • It contains Emoji’s support, GIF search, multilingual support, one hand mode, etc.
  • It supports a Night-Mode feature with a setting for timer.
  • It’s also known as Hydrogen Keyboard.
  • It supports a grammar check feature.
  • It contains a feature to change your default keyboard language.
  • Additionally, it has a colour-mode feature which allows the keyboard to adapt to the app its working on.
  • It comes in free as well as paid version.
    Download Chrooma keyboard Android app

5) ai.type-

  • It supports prediction of texts, auto correct, and adapts your writing style.
  • It has auto emoji suggestion.
  • You can personalise fonts, colours, backgrounds as well as edit keyboard layout.
  • The security issues have been rectified.
  • It has more than 150,000 themes including animated themes. You can make your own theme using Make-It-Mine theme maker tool.
  • Also, it has a special row key which changes between recent numbers, emoji’s, punctuation, accent characters, etc.
  • It comes in free (trial of 18 days after which the paid features vanish) as well as paid version ($3.99).
    Download type keyboard Android app

6) TouchPal Keyboard-

  • It’s an award winning app for Android with over 500 million users worldwide.
  • It supports many features like GIF, emoji’s and emoticons, predictive texts and auto-correct.
  • Another interesting feature is that it supports glide typing, voice typing and gesture typing.
  • It has T9 and T+ keypad feature, with multilingual and number row.
  • Additionally, it has customizable themes, fonts, news headlines and dialect dictionaries within the app.
  • It provides an app locker to password-protect certain apps.
  • It contains voice recognition and one touch writing.
  • Also, it has a small internal store which contains the add-ons as well as advertisements.
  • It’s available for free.
    Download TouchPal keyboard app

7) Swype-

  • It’s considered as one of the smart and oldest keyboards.
  • It uses error-correction algorithm.
  • It contains a language model which learns your vocabulary and predict words.
  • Additionally, it has various themes, emoji’s etc. which are customisable.
  • It supports bilingual languages.
  • It defined the Swipe typing feature which was adaptable for almost all android phones.
  • Also, it supports speech recognition with the help of Dragon Dictation.
  • It’s available for paid as well as free.
    Download Swype keyboard Android app

8) Go Keyboard-

  • It has simple and minimal design.
  • It can ease your typing habits in a very handy and improvable way.
  • Additionally, it has over 1000 themes, emoji’s GIFs, fonts, etc.
  • You can select the key height, width of the space bar as well as toggle-cursor-control on / off.
  • It supports a variety of languages including the ones which do not come under Roman script.
  • It has an integrated dictionary which helps to tell the meaning of any word, as well as in any language.
  • Also, it contains a unique swipe-to-unlock lock screen feature as well as a charge-mode feature.
  • It’s available for free but contains in-app purchases as well as some ads (removable with purchase).
    Download Go Keyboard Android app

9) Ginger Keyboard-

  • It’s considered to have a bit of almost everything or every app.
  • It contains tons themes, stickers, emoji’s, GIFs, etc.
  • The AI learns as well as predicts much like the other apps.
  • It provides correction for spelling, grammar as well as punctuation.
  • Additionally, it supports shortcuts to apps.
  • It also supports Games like 2048 or the classic – snake game.
  • It’s available for free but that includes correction check for 8, after which it requires monthly subscription.
    Download Ginger Keyboard Android app

10) Slash Keyboard-

  • It has built in app for not only Google, but also for YouTube, Google Maps, GIFs, emoji’s, Amazon, Spotify, Facebook, Wikipedia Twitter, etc.
  • It’s unique and easy to use with loads of features.
  • The search can be done by just typing ‘/’.
  • The keyboard has minimal designs and themes.
  • It doesn’t support autocorrect or gesture typing.
  • It’s available for free with some in-app purchases.
    Download Slash Keyboard Android app

11) Minuum-

  • It’s among the only keyboard which doesn’t follow the usual QWERTY style.
  • It has everything under a single row which can be pulled down for complete QWERTY keyboard
  • It supports a strong predictive and autocorrect feature.
  • Also, it has additional settings which includes typing speed, emoji’s, clipboard and cursor controls, search, share, etc.
  • It has many languages and themes, including multiple themes in a day.
  • It also supports swiping feature.
  • It’s a paid app ($ 2.99) with a 30-day free trial.
    Download Minuum Keyboard Android app


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