Best temporary hair dyes to give you a newer look each time

Coloring your hair temporarily not just gives you a new look but also a safer hair color option. Yesss! Temporary hair Coloring is safe, in case that it what restricts you from getting it done. All you need to take care of, is to switch to another shampoo which is color-safe, which helps you keep it for longer. And the best part is you can experiment with different hair colors every once in a while for a fresh look.
Following are the best temporary hair color dyes :

1-Hair mascara

It is the most temporary dye that lasts just 1-2 washes. And it isn’t just a solution to hide your grey hair, but also add a bold color to it. Apply the wand directly to your hair and just brush on some color.

2-Colored hairspray

Color hairspray is exactly what it sounds like —’ hairspray’ with added ‘color’! It lasts for about 3-4 washes.

3-Hair chalk

Hair chalk is great because of its opacity. No matter what hair color you have, it would save your efforts. Wet your hair and divide it into two sections. Then chalk down your strands. It will lasts upto 3-4 shampoos too.

4-Semi-permanent hair dye

As the name suggests, it’s not permanent but not as temporary as those lasting one wash. It would remain at least a week. Since,  the molecules of semi-permanent hair color are larger, it won’t easily penetrate into the hair and rather act as a stain in the cuticle layer of your hair.

5-Vegetable dye

It is perhaps the most long lasting temporary hair dye, and yet is a chemical-free method. It may last up to 30 shampoos, imagine!! But not necessarily it may last this long. It depends on the tone of hair- the darker, the better.

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