The Best Time to Workout in the Day

Lack of time is the most common excuse people have to not exercise. It’s convenient, it’s reasonable, I mean you can be busy, it’s understandable. Getting in a workout has immediate benefits like better concentration, better focus, improved alertness and much more.

If you would like to start working out, read this article and decide when would be the best time for you to do so, it should match your lifestyle and schedule.

A Morning Workout

Working out first thing is the morning and getting it out of the way makes good sense for some people. You get the rest of the day free and if you have a tendency to think about it too much, it is a big thing to check off your to-do list. Working out in the morning when you have the most energy and no fatigue also ensure you rise up earlier. Moreover gyms are less crowded in the morning and you have more equipment to yourself. Personally, this is my preferred way, I get in at 5:30 am just after the gym opens up. It’s almost empty and I get out by 7 before its starts to crowd. Once I walk out of there, I feel light as a feather, having gotten it done and I am filled with energy, ready for a great day.

Of course, there are a few things you have to keep in mind. You would be more consistent than if you were working out in the evening. The only challenge is waking up early in the morning, ensuring you get plenty of sleep. You have to be prepared from the night before to get a good start in the morning.

An Evening Workout

Some people prefer working out in the evening. Your body is ready to perform and needs less warm up. If you are someone who needs somebody to go to the gym with you, you will have better luck finding a partner to go with you in the evening. Another advantage of going in the evening is there are class options available. You can join aerobics, Zumba and much more. Working out in the evening can be a great way to destress after a long day at work.

Working out in the evening has its issues also. It is likely you might have to skip your workout due to an unexpected event like staying late at work, so consistency is a challenge. Gyms and classes are often overcrowded in the evening. This might lead to scarcity of equipment and delays in workouts as well.


All things said and done, the important thing is to ensure that you workout, whatever time you prefer. The pertinent factor here is to maintain consistency with your routine and workout to get the desired results. The road to results is a tough one, but remember, the sweet things in life are never easy to come by.

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