Best Treks in Patagonia – The Ultimate Hiking Destination (2)

In our previous post, we had seen 2 of the best treks in the breath taking trekking destination – Patagonia. We had also seen how to prep for your trekking expereince
In this article, we mention few more treks for you try out the next time you visit this beautiful place.

3) Southern Patagonia Ice Field Trekking Expedition

The Patagonia Ice Field is a must-see and what better way to get to it than on a hiking trip? Make an expedition of it and spend an entire week hiking through mountainous terrain and across glaciers.

This is no ordinary hike though. It’s extremely challenging and involves long stretches of ice trekking. Special equipment like crampons are essential, so is the support of an experienced guide.


Your hard work will pay off though. This expedition gives you access to Patagonia’s most unique scenery. That includes looking out over a sea of ice and enjoying great views of Fitz Roy and Cerro Torre. Plus you’ll get to see immense glaciers like Perito Moreno and Upsala. You’ll also get to camp out in the wilderness every night which is pretty cool.

  • Starting point: El Chaltén
  • Duration: 7- 8 days
  • Difficulty: Advanced

4) Cerro Castillo Trek

In the heart of the Cerro Castillo National Reserve, you’ll encounter spectacular nature on a big scale. You’ll hike through deep valleys and around tall rugged mountains to check out the Cerro Castilo mountain and the beautiful aquamarine lake beneath it.

Some of the sections in this trip are quite steep and with hikes of around 6 hours in duration per day, previous hiking experience is necessary.

It takes around four days to complete the full hike. However, if you only have one day you can shorten the hike and head straight to the Cerro. You do miss a lot of the awesome scenery this way, though.

  • Starting point: Villa Cerro Castillo
  • Duration: 4 days
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

5) Hut-to-hut Trek around Bariloche

If you’re looking for a good physical challenge, then the Nahuel Huapi Traverse is an excellent option. This is a five-day hike that takes you through the best of Bariloche’s landscapes as you hike from mountain hut to mountain hut.

This trek requires around 6-7 hours of hiking per day, so a good level of fitness is essential. The scenery along the way is varied and stunning, from vibrant green valleys to remarkable mountains.


Plus, by staying in mountain huts you also get to enjoy Argentina’s mountain culture and delicious food, which you’ll be more than ready for after a long hard day of hiking.

  • Starting point: Cerro Catedral
  • Duration: Five days
  • Difficulty: Intermediate

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